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Are ants a regular summer problem for you? Ants can be a common problem in homes, they can build a colony in cavity walls and can remain for years if not treated. We have the answer. We can clear your ant infestation for you. We will inspect your premises to find the source of the problem, then treat it with one of our wide range of child and pet safe treatments. So enjoy your summer ant free by calling in the experts.

There can be little more worrying to a parent than hearing that buzzing sound that means you have a wasp infestation or a  hornet or bees nest. Nests cause real issues in summer and if you are one of the unfortunate people with severe allergies, the sting can even prove fatal. Why take the risk? A & B Environmental Solutions Ltd can dispose of them without fuss, so relax, let us take care of it for you and let your children play without worry,

Signs of an ant infestation are:

  • Areas of chewed wood (like sawdust)

  • Damaged wood

  • Noises coming from inside your walls

  • Seeing ants foraging within your home

Signs of wasps nests are:

  • Buzzing or humming sounds

  • Regular activity in one location

  • Increase in sightings

A & B Environmental Solutions Ltd are based in the Oldbury area and cover Solihull, Halesowen, Stourbridge, Bromsgrove, Redditch and surrounding areas.

Wasp, hornets & bees nests

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